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SF Doggy FreeStyle

"FreeStyle" Puppy Tricks

Our Classes are specifically designed for puppies as a complimentary class to Puppy 1 & Puppy 2 enrollees & all Puppy Grads. In this course we will introduce 3 new tricks and interactive puppy play. Pups must be friendly with dogs & people.

This is a 5 week course.

SF Doggie FreeStyle

Our ​classes combine dog training with music & fancy tricks to make for a very enjoyable experience. Any level can participate in this class. All dogs of any age, breed or even the dog with 4 left paws are welcome to come and have a good time.

This is a 6 week course.

SF Doggy FreeStyle

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Puppy FreeStyle Tricks & Puppy Playtime

Week 1: Spin & Twirl, Weave, Paw Kicks & Play...

Week 2: Jump, Crawl,

Peek-a-Boo & Play...

Week 3: Take a Bow, Rollover, Dance &  Play...

What's it all about?

A Happy Dog!



​Love a Good Tune!

​​& Above All Fun!

Gotta Love a good tune!

Bebop, swing, pop, jazz & rock ‘n’ roll.

Dogs & people alike love our music. All relax, get into the groove and lots of smiley faces and waggly tails... 

Doggy FreeStyle is a Blast!

Doggy FreeStyle is about having a good time with your dog. A little training, add in a little music, some fancy tricks, making a very fun experience! 

People love Doggy Freestyle & your dog will love it even more!

All Dogs Welcome young or old...

Puppy Tricks

Above All Fun!

    Play & Train

Rock 'n' Roll

SF Classes


Course:  5 weeks

Date : Thursdays, September 24

Time: 7:30pm-8:30pm

Location: SF SPCA

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Performance Class

Coming Soon!

Location: SF SPCA

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Course:  4 weeks
Date : Thursdays, October 1
Time: 6:15pm-7:15pm
Location: SF SPCA
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Oakland Classes


Doggy Freestyleclasses are a blast! Training a dog to sit, down, stay & heel is fantastic but just imagine training your dog those skills with music. You will likely see your dogs eye’s sparkle, feet stepping faster and tail wagging higher.

THIS class is about enjoying & enhancing your relationship with your dog while building in Attention, Attitude and the art of having, just plain Fun!

Each week you will learn and practice new moves and tricks with your dog. Things like spin, leg weaves, backing up, bowing and more. Then, you’ll learn how to string them together and Groove with your dog to music!

Doggy Freestyle is based on movement and is a great way to get a mature dog moving and help the young and the restless burn excess energy. All dogs Wiggle ‘A’ Beat so be prepared to Shake, Rattle & Roll and show off your dog at his very best.

Anyone can participate in this class! Pups and dogs of any age or breed. Kids and adults!

Come join instructor, Ruthanna Levy for a class that will keep you smiling.

Prerequisite: completed a basic pup or dog course.

All dogs MUST BE FRIENDLY, and up to date on vaccinations.

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Dogs Can Dance by Lisa-Anne Manolius
We'd heard about it, read about it, and watched it on YouTube. One Saturday, we finally had a chance to try it. The verdict? We loved it! The "we" in question is me and my dog Vinnie, a two-year old Kelpie mix, and the "it" is Canine Freestyle, also known as Doggy FreeStyle. read more

San Francisco SPCA 145th Anniversary Celebration!October 5th


James & Django

Brenda & Jake

Erica & Orion

James & Yago

Michelle & Mo No

​Carlie & Soda Pop

  • Wild dogs of kentucky2:39




What a smart Puppy! Training Puppies is a life long affair with no end in sight. Pup’s love to learn, love to perform and love the applause forever. So why not get busy with Puppy Tricks!

Puppy Freestyle Tricks is a class designed just for puppies. Each week you will learn 3 new puppy tricks incorporating interactive puppy play games between you and your pup. Your puppy will be spinning & twirling, romping under, over and through your legs and even Take a Bow... WOW!

Can your puppy rollover multiple times, jump through a hoop, or crawl down the lane? Tricks make our puppy’s smart, keeps our puppies interested in learning and to top it off, your pup will be the hit of the party!

Tricks Training along with Puppy Training is loads of Puppy Fun!It’s a Puppy Party!

THIS is all about having fun and building a lasting relationship with your new puppy. The proof is in the pudding!

Come join instructor, Ruthanna Levy for a class that will keep you and your puppy laughing.

Prerequisite: currently enrolled in or a Graduate of Puppy Class.

All pups MUST BE FRIENDLY to dogs & people and up to date on vaccinations.